What am I doing wrong?

I have noticed that my Elements( 3/3 of them) seem to be "hard" to discover using Kinoma Code. I can usually discover them right after I power them up but if I leave them say overnight and try to discover them again the next day, they do not appear in the devices list in Kinoma Code. I have updated tem to the latest 2.04 code and see the same behavior. I do have Kinoma Code version 1.0b5 (build 7.1.74).

What should I look for to resolve this issue?


  • Hi there--sorry for the delayed response. Is your end goal to run an app on the device overnight or are you just trying to rediscover it after an extended period of time without rebooting? I've run apps streaming data to cloud services overnight without issues, but I don't know that I've tried to rediscover the device in Kinoma Code after an extended period of time without rebooting. And unfortunately that's unlikely to work very well.

  • Hi, my goal was to see why I could not "rediscover" the Elements after an extended period of time. I indeed seemed to need to remove power before being able to discover again using Kinoma Code or Kinoma Studio. You say this unlikely to work well. Can you give a little more explanation as to why? How does one regain communication with the Element once it has been "put into service"?

  • The current build of Kinoma Code has a few issues with device discovery that are especially apparent with Kinoma Element. For example, it often fails to rediscover a device if it unexpectedly disconnects from the network. Sometimes it's a problem with the network (i.e. there's too much traffic), sometimes it's a problem with the discovery protocols (they're not always 100% reliable), and sometimes Kinoma Code just needs to be restarted.

    I can't say for sure what the problem is, but the best way to regain communication with it is probably to reboot the device and/or restart Kinoma Code.

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