Is there any support for a watchdog timer in the Create?

I noticed in the Element's programmer's guide there's support for a watchdog timer that can restart the device if the application crashes:

"wdt Object

The wdt (watchdog timer) object monitors device activity. If it detects that the device has been blocked for an extended period of time, the watchdog timer assumes the application has crashed, and restarts the device.

import wdt from "watchdogtimer";

The length of time the watchdog timer waits before deciding the application has crashed depends on the mode of operation. It is always at least 5 seconds..."

Is there any support for this in the Create? -- When I try to use the import statement above in my Create app it throws a big error:

[DEBUG]: Connecting to debug client [DEBUG]: Remote connection established... [DEBUG]: Uploading file (src/main.js) [DEBUG]: Launching application (testHello) hello from my app. can I make a watchdog timer?### BREAK: require: module "watchdogtimer" not found! (main.js:6) [DEBUG]: Disconnecting from debug client




  • Hi John,

    We do not directly support the watchdogtimer on Kinoma Create. However, we do have a background service that monitors the Kinoma Create "launcher" software. It automatically kills and relaunches the launcher if it stops responding to (internal) http requests.

    While that mechanism cannot guard against application-level hangs, it will catch platform- (really shell)-level hangs and failures.

    — Andy

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