Trouble seeing Elements in Kinoma Code device list

I have 1 Create and 3 Elements. I had them all visible in the Device list in Kinoma Code and Kinoma Studio initially . I left the Create and 3 Elements powered on the network for a day. I came home today, fired up my laptop and I can only see the Create in Kinoma Code's device list. I see all the devices shells in the Kinoma Code network scan. Kinoma Studio see's all 4 devices. I have repeated this scenario multiple times on different days. It seems that the discovery of the devices in Kinoma Code is problematic. Any ideas what might be causing this behavior?

I do have Kinoma Code version 1.0b5 (build 7.1.74).


  • I updated my Elements to v2.04 and I am still seeing the same behavior. Sometimes all of the Elements do not show up in the discovery but most times at least one is discovered. What should I look for to resolve this issue?

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