Update fails

My Element's version is .99.7. Bought at the Makersfaire. I found that I had to add a wireless adapter to my Windows 10 computer in addition to the wired connection to the router to internet to see the Element. Used Teraterm to issue "reconnect 2". I then assigned it to my home network and give the password. The wifi and Settings tiles come up. Click on Settings and Apply for update to 2.0.0. It fails the update and says to try later. What do I do next?


  • I've sent you a follow-up e-mail, but to anyone else who might read this: please see the steps in this forum post. If your device is running firmware version 0.99.7, you'll need to connect to the command line interface to perform the first firmware update (rather than doing it in Kinoma Code).

  • To add to this, I used Teraterm (instead of Putty) with the Element connected via USB and then issued the command. It then succeeded in updating the firmware. I had been expecting a command line interface within Code but apparently that is just with a mac host. If in Windows 10, click the bottom right monitor looking like thing which gives the internet connections. Connect to the Element if you see it. Also go into the Element device setting (network hardware devices) options in W10 and enable the discovery by pc option or whatever its called. Code should now see it and you should have fixed green LED. Just don't click the Test button in Code as it seems to shut the Element down.

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