Best approach for application updates in the field?

I'm using Kinoma Studio for development and like the "install on launch" option provided.

This is great for development but later, for example when I install a Create at a customer site, how do I update software on the device? -- Do I have to go to their site and connect to the unit with my development tools?

Is there a way for me to SSH into the unit and update the application files remotely? Are any tools provided that can push upgrades to units in the field?

This is an important issue for projects that have more than a few Creates (or Elements for that matter) deployed.

Many thanks,



  • No thoughts?

  • Hi John,

    Jumping in here because I think Lizzie may have misunderstood your question. Short answer is that yes, you can update the application files on the device directly without needing to deploy from Kinoma Code on the same network. But, we do not provide custom tools to do so: you'll either need to transfer over telnet, tftp, or by installing an alternate file receiving backend.

    Where exactly on the device your files will be varies a bit depending on how you setup your project. And, unfortunately, I just noticed a bug in the current Kinoma Software release around this that causes the directory names to be a little funky (the bug is cosmetic only in that sense).

    In general, the files you're looking for will be installed to /home/root/.kinoma/kdt/samples/applications right now (that "samples" bit is the bug) . If you're using Kinoma Studio, they may turn up in /home/root/.kinoma/kdt/cache/applications or /home/root/.kinoma/kdt/launcher/applications. One way or another, just find your files and then replace them using whatever method you find convenient remotely.


    — Andy

  • Thanks, Andy! -- I appreciate the response.

    Maybe I can leverage some of the Linux tools for remote administration to script this and make it less manual. -- I'll let you guys know what I come up with.



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