Are there any photos for the rfid projects?

It would be very helpful to have a few photos to show how the boards like the Adafruit PN532 rfid reader are hooked up. The sample now goes directly to the github page for the code. If it could go to a page with a couple of photos and a link to the github page, it would be very beneficial to beginners.


  • We do have a collection of basic sensor tutorials for many sensors and several advanced project tutorials. There's no page for the RFID reader right now, but I can certainly make one soon! For now, here's a few pictures:

    If you're using the i2c-nfc sample (which I just updated because there was a bug in it before), the wiring to Kinoma Create looks like this:

    Regarding your link suggestion--the sample repository on GitHub is set up to make it possible to download the apps directly in Kinoma Code, which is why the project folders only contain source code. However, we recently started adding the markdown files for the tutorials I mentioned above in a tutorials folder. The versions on are prettier, but the content's the same.

  • You might want to add to the description that there are 2 different versions of the Adafruit board. The breakout board and the shield look very similar but are different. Even the Adafruit site links back and forth between the two boards. I ordered the shield thinking it was the breakout board.

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