Does Kinoma JS Blocks support the I2c functions?

I couldn't find any options in Blocks for accessing the i2c pins. Is it available?


  • Unfortunately no. I2C and Serial aren't implemented in KinomaJS Blocks.

  • Are there any plans to implement them?

    Blocks are a great way for casual programmers as well as new programmers to get up and running fast.

    I find that I spend a lot of time looking up the specific syntax of commands that I already know how to use in a program.

  • Hi there, I'm really glad that you liked KinomaJS Blocks. Blocks are great for small bits fairly simple code. Unfortunately I'm not convinced i2c/serial configurations fit here. I've actually played with putting something like this into blocks, and there are two routes to go. Create sensor-specific blocks that lump all the necessary config/ custom functions together. The drawback here of course is limited options/usability. The other is to expose every i2c/serial functions, the issue here is what I call block bloat. Where there are a large number of blocks that are not necessarily easy to distinguish or use. At the point where you are interested in writing your own i2c/serial config, I think you've outgrown blocks.

  • What I would like to see is just a rudimentary I2C access block. Just enough to verify that the devices are talking to each other. Right now I am trying to get the Create to talk to 3 different Arduino boards and all I want them to do right now is blink the on board led to tell me they are communicating with each other. Once I verify that they are talking to each other, then I will switch to full code. I would then have a working framework to populate.

  • I apologize for the lateness of this reply, I didn't see this response. If all you're interested in is testing if it works, perhaps you could try using the Kinoma Create's onscreen pin explorer app. There you can manually test your I2C config.

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