Kinoma Code continues to show update available on Element with latest firmware

I updated my Kinoma Element firmware to 2.0.3 (confirmed via printenv and with Kinoma Code), but Kinoma Code is still reporting that there's an update (2.0.0) available. I assume that this is a bug, but wanted to check. And would running update from Code downgrade the Element's firmware?


  • It is kind of a bug, but not in the way you're probably thinking :)

    2.0.3 is on the QA firmware train; 2.0.0 is the latest stable release. So yes, running the update will downgrade the firmware, but it will downgrade to a stable version.

    A question for you--did you get on the QA train by accident or on purpose? i.e. did you do the first update (the one that got you onto version 2.0.3) in Kinoma Code/by simply typing update using the command line interface, or did you purposely change the Kinoma Code setting to use unstable firmware/type before updating in Kinoma Code/type update ELEMENT_FIRMWARE_QA in the command line interface? If you got there by accident, that's certainly a bug and we'll want to fix that.

  • This can happen when you are changing the "Beta Program" settings in the preferences. 2.0.3 is the current beta release. If, after updating, you switched the "Beta Program" preference off, it will continue to advise you that there's an "update". Running it will indeed downgrade you to the latest release firmware, v2.0.0.

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