Kinoma Software Update: July 5, 2016


We have released a new Kinoma Software update for Kinoma Create. This version is numbered 7.1.80 and can be applied from the Settings app while connected to the internet.

New features and fixes of Kinoma Software 7.1.80 include:

USB HID Device Support

Updated Linux Distribution for Original Kinoma Create

  • The original Kinoma Create is now compatible with the same Yocto-based Linux distribution used in Kinoma Create Version 2. Build and boot from an SD card to give it a try.

Kinoma Create Version 2 Charger Support

  • Charging icon and Battery app aware of Mini-USB charging port on Kinoma Create Version 2.

Bug Fixes

  • Hidden Wi-Fi networks no longer cause the Wi-Fi app to crash.
  • Setting a digital output on the front pins no longer unsets other front digital outputs.
  • "Allow Cross-domain Access" setting has been fixed.
  • Kinoma Create returns the correct firmware version number to Kinoma Studio and Kinoma Code when booted from SD.
  • Corrected an issue that caused MQTT to crash when quitting applications.

Please enjoy the new update, and let us know here on the forums when you build new HID devices using your Kinoma Create!

— Andy

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