New Element; Update from 0.99.7 to 2.0.0 fails

Using Kinoma Code 1.0b5 with a new Element, using quick-start guide at

I am able to get the Element onto my WiFi network and see it in the Devices list. Its settings show that it is currently on 0.99.7 and it wants to update to 2.0.0. However, attempts to do this fail. I would upload a screen shot, but the upload functionality is throwing a JS error. I get past the "Please keep this device connected and powered..." prompt, but then it starts the "Downloading" phase for about 10 seconds and then errors out with "The update of 'platelet' to Kinoma Software 2.0.0 failed! Please try again later."

I have my Element plugged into 120V wall power via a 5V DC adapter and a USB micro cable (it's not specified how to power one's Element). I also note that its status light is a steady blue, not green or white.


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    I tried the telnet option to the Kinoma's local IP:

    $ telnet 2323


    telnet: connect to address Connection refused

    telnet: Unable to connect to remote host

    I note also that the Net Scanner panel shows as an "Unknown Zeroconf Device".

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  • Sorry you're having problems--the initial update is the toughest, but once we get this sorted out it should be easier to do future updates!

    Regarding the Net Scanner observation--does it also say "Kinoma Shell," or just "Unknown Zeroconf Device?" It should look like this:

    In earlier firmware versions the status light was blue, so no surprises there. You can plug Kinoma Element into a wall adapter as you did or to a USB port on your computer. The latter option will allow you to connect to it in the serial console, which may be useful since you can't telnet to the device.

    Can you try the following and let me know what error messages you get (if any)?

    1. Connect your Kinoma Element to a USB port on your computer. The serial connection will then appear as an option in the target device dropdown list in Kinoma Code.

    1. Select the serial connection and an input field will appear that lets you use the command line interface as detailed in the Command Line Interface Reference section of the Programmer's Guide to Kinoma Element.

    1. Type update and press enter. You should see a series of numbers and eventually

      download: finished
          status: true

    I have seen cases where the update fails a couple times and works on the second or third try, but if it fails multiple times please send me the output you get when you enter wifi and printenv in the serial console and we'll figure out what else might be going wrong.

  • The update, when done via USB tether, did get to the download:finished bit, but also spat out (in case it's relevant):

    event: shutting down
    inetd: socket.onClose for 8081
    inetd: stopping...
    wlan: disconnected
    [wlcm] Warn: got event: deauthentication
    wm_wlan_disconnect: remove network error = 3

    wifi command gives me (note Element is in access-point mode):

    connected: [0050430390b1]
    inetd: starting... mode = 2
    inetd: starting udp:6969
    inetd: starting tcp:2323
    inetd: starting tcp:10000
    inetd: starting tcp:8081
    inetd: running
    [platelet]$ wifi
      init: function(...) { ... },
      fin: function(...) { ... },
      start: function(...) { ... },
      dhcpName: undefined,
      _connect: function(...) { ... },
      disconnect: function(...) { ... },
      close: function(...) { ... },
      ip: "",
      mac: "0050430390b1",
      setmac: function(...) { ... },
      rssi: -256,
      scan: function(...) { ... },
      status: 5,
      mode: 2,
      config: {
        save: false,
        state: 2,
        mode: 0,
        ssid: "",
        security: 0,
        hidden: false
      ssid: "platelet",
      getInterfaces: function(...) { ... },
      stat: function(...) { ... },
      load: function(...) { ... },
      connect: function(...) { ... },
      notify: function(...) { ... },
      onScanComplete: function(...) { ... },
      run: function(...) { ... }


    [platelet]$ printenv

    Based on the printenv output I'm guessing the update "stuck".

    Thanks! I'll see if I can get further now...

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    Yep, looks like you're all set. Good luck!

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