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Hi All,

I am working on Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit trying to connect to my Kinoma Element. I connect the device and it remains an unknown device on the device manager. There are instructions to download the FTDI driver, but there are three different packages on the site and no instructions on which one to get. Can someone help me figure out which ones to download or what needs to be downloaded so I can get started with the Element?

Thanks, Peter


  • Hi Peter--full instructions on how to get started developing for Kinoma Element on Windows can be found in this blog post. The Windows version of Kinoma Code is coming soon but for now I'd start there. Let us know if you have problems along the way!

  • This didn't help. The Kinoma Element always shows up with an error next to it's entry in the Windows Device Manager.

    On my other computer, I've been using putty to open a serial connection to the com port to use the CLI, but if the device isn't recognized it's not going to get a serial port. I assume it is because I have the wrong drivers. Can someone please point me to the right drivers.

    Thanks, Peter

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    There is no driver for Windows 8. The driver we posted for Windows 7 would work, but since it's not currently digitally signed, Windows 8 refuses to accept it.

    There are ways to disable Driver Signature Verification but they're a bit tricky so at the moment Windows 8 is not supported.

  • Oh okay. Windows 8 is a beast that way. I wish it would fail loudly instead of failing silently. I know how to turn off driver signing, so I will just do that (and if not, I will use the valuable link above).


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