Profiler OK?

Is the Profiler working OK? I've noticed since the profiler UI was improved (just simple 'profile' button which is great) I'm getting very few function names. Mostly "?". Please see for Profiler Details. Is there some setting I need to set to retrieve these function names? Thx! ( running Kinoma 1.3.49 on OS X 10.11)


  • Hi,

    Could you try updating your version of Studio? The most recent release of Studio on OS X is 1.3.58. Please give that update a try and let me know if you continue to have this issue.



  • Thx Will. Ok I updated to 1.3.58. Now when I run the profiler I get

    Console: (host): C : xscall : no function! and Problem Occurred Pop Up stating: java.lang.NullPointerException.

    Please see a full screen shot here:

    Thx again for your help to solve this.

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