Can't setup SD card

I just got a new 16GB MicroSD card and am trying to use it in my Create. The download stays at 0% for a minute or two then dies back to the home screen. No errors.


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    I've seen this error once or twice in recent builds. Still trying to track down what causes it, but I do know a workaround.

    1) After entering the Settings app, go into the "About Kinoma Create" section.

    2) Wait for the "About Kinoma Create" text to populate — this is loading from a web service.

    3) Go back to the settings app (but not all the way back to the home screen).

    4) Now go through the Setup SD process. It should now work as expected.

    Let me know if that doesn't work. And, of course, we'll be working to sort out the actual bug there.

    — Andy

  • The About page does the same thing, sits for a while then back to the home screen.

  • Interesting. That's a new one to me.

    Does internet seem to be working on the device in general? For instance, can you get the Samples app to work? Can you connect to the device from Studio/Code to run apps?

    Just trying to narrow down the possibilities... if we can't sort it out we'll just swap devices with you.

    — Andy

  • Loading code from Studio works. The app can download pictures from the web, too. The samples page loads sporadically. The Net Scanner opens, shows local devices, then dies back to the home screen. Very odd indeed.

  • Just wanted to note this is still happening, I can't even download the new firmware to see if that's a fix.

  • Greetings,

    Sorry to hear that you're still having issue. I'll follow up with you via email to see if we can get a new Kinoma Create out to you.

    — Andy

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