Studio Upgrade and issues

Hi, is a Studio upgrade being planned soon? We are eager to see a fix to the video file playback issue in some cases.

Also, Studio 1.3.58 running on my OS X 10.11.4 seems to freeze when selecting the iOS output button. (the beachball keeps spinning) Any known issues?


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    Which video playback issue are you talking about?

    I'm still running 10.10.5, and iOS export works OK for me. I'll try it on an El Capitan machine.

    Whenever troubleshooting any iOS export problems, it's good to start by verifying that you can build with XCode. We find that if you've got it together in XCode, Studio usually works fine after that.

  • re: video, I believe there's an issue with playing back video through https ? Thank you re: the iOS problem. I'll check things with XCode.

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