Update Available - Never Updates

So I powered up my Kinoma Create, and started Kinoma Code and connected to it. I formatted an SD card and booted from that. It says there is an update available, but when I click the Apply button I get a message that says "Install version 1.1 of the Operating System on Kinoma".

What is version 1.1? My software says I have 7.1.69 of the Kinoma Software, and 2.1.3 of the OS. The OS is what says it needs an update.


  • If I click 'OK' it just sits there. No progress bar, nothing. and if I click it again same result.

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    Thank you for the report. I'm guessing you have a Kinoma Create Version 2 (with BLE support)? If so, the good news is that OS 2.1.3 is proper — you already have the most updated version.

    The next question is why Kinoma Code insists that there's an update available. I'll look into that today.


    — Andy

  • A reboot seems to have cured the issue. I'm all set!

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