Wireless support: 802.11ac?

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I have seen statements that the Create 2 supports 802.11ac. I've asked in a separate discussion question for updated schematics, but I looked at the PCB and (in my unit) the wireless component is an Azurewave AH387. That does not support 802.11ac. It's 'brother' the AH397 does support 802.11ac. The confusing issue is that the AH387 does not list Bluetooth 4.0 (low energy support), but clearly my unit does (BLE Explorer works fine with BLE peripherals).

Could someone from Kinoma comment?


  • Greetings,

    The Azurewave module is the AW-CH387. I can't vouch for the 100% accuracy of embeddedworks.net's info there, but at a glance it looks reasonable to me. The underlying Marvell chip is the Avastar 88W8887.

    Cheers! — Andy

  • Thanks Andy -- Thanks for the quick response!! Just got my Create 2 today and it powered on just fine! Can't wait to carve out time for it.

    That makes much more sense to me; I was going off of the Azurewave web page: http://www.azurewave.com/product_AW-NH387_1.asp which had me confused. I was looking for an '8887 board, so this is perfect!

    Is there any way I can use the NFC that is supported with the '8887; I'm thinking about Android Bluetooth out-of-band pairing. That's the reason I asked for the schematic as well since I didn't see any built-in support for NFC.

  • On Kinoma Create we did not, unfortunately, build in all the parts one would need to use 8887's NFC or FM radios. On the NFC side, the most obvious issue is the lack of an NFC antenna (inductor, really). But there are probably some additional secondary components missing that I'm not aware of also.

    We have had considerable success working with external NFC boards. We're fond of the PN532 breakout and have several samples that use it.

    — Andy

  • Thanks again Andy. I'll be interested to see if there is an unloaded connector on the board for an NFC antenna or if it would be possible to kludge one on :-} Otherwise, your suggestions sound good. Appreciate the quick response and will look forward to the schematic.

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