Need help with using DHT11 basic temperature-humidity sensor with Kinoma create

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I have DHT11 temperature sensor and Kinoma create device. I do not find any tutorials on how do I connect my sensor to the device, which pins should be used. Ultimately my goal is to get the readings from the sensor and display then into the Kinoma device continiously.



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    The Kinoma Create's KinomaJS shell is running on top of a full Linux kernel. This brings a lot of power and flexibility, but also means that any JavaScript running on the device is subject to minor interference from the scheduler. This is not an issue for most applications, but it does break compatibility with sensors using custom 1-wire interfaces.

    To get around this, I've seen people use simple and inexpensive microcontrollers as a bridge between this type of sensor and the Create. In this setup, the senor would connect to the microcontroller via its 1-wire interface, the microcontroller would read the data and then send it to the Create via a serial connection.

    Also, the Kinoma Element runs a real-time operating system, so its timings will be accurate enough to allow communication over this type of 1-wire interface. A Kinoma Element can then be easily configured to feed data back to a Create over Wifi.



  • Hi Will, Thank you for your reply. This seems a bit complicated for me because this is the first time I am doing something with hardware. I would rather go with sample code example on temperature sensor TMP102.

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