Android/iOS keyboard input and Kinoma Apps

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Hi, we made the Kinoma app we coded compatible with certain keyboard inputs to control the app (tested on the desktop simulator). Should those keyboard inputs also work if we output the app to Android/iOS, and if we used an external HID compatible Bluetooth input device like a keyboard? I guess I'll find out since I ordered a Bluetooth keyboard, but just wanted to know if theoretically, those key inputs are supposed to be transferred to the mobile apps as well.


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    I believe the mobile devices with the Bluetooth keyboard should work as expected for you. However, there isn't a Bluetooth keyboard around for me to confirm with. Please let me know how your test goes; if you have any trouble, I'd like to try and sort out why.



  • Hi Will,

    So I tried. It didn't work on our iOS app but it worked on the Android. It didn't do a key repeat by pressing the keys, but may be that's a system level spec. I wonder why it doesn't work on iOS.

  • Hi Will, What's a good basic, sample app that is supposed to take key presses from a keyboard? I can try that on iOS on my end, to see it works with the Bluetooth keyboard. Our apps are not quite "basic" so it's probably better to find out if there's something about iOS that doesn't take the HID inputs for some reason. Thanks!

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