element-http-server Error

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After some moment of successfully running the element-http-server the program dies. It appears that some library (presumably HTTPServer) has a hard coded reference to: /Users/ishiguro/work/fsk/.. .. ..

Check image: http://imgur.com/2HqQHNz


import HTTPServer from "HTTPServer";
var main = {
    onLaunch() {
        let server = new HTTPServer({port: 80}); 
        this.server = server; //binds the server to the main object so it won't be garbage collected
        server.onRequest = request => {
            //request.response("text/plain", `${String.fromArrayBuffer(request.content)} back!`); 
            request.response("text/plain", "Hello Foo");
            console.log(request.method + " " + request.statusCode);
export default main;


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    Hello -

    Glad to see you working with Kinoma Element! We're sorry to hear that you bumped into an issue. Based on your detailed note we were able to reproduce the problem and we've posted a firmware update that should provide a fix.

    To update your Kinoma Element firmware, you'll first need to telnet into your Kinoma Element using the Element's IP address and port 2323:

    telnet <ip address> 2323

    That will provide you access to the command line interface. From there enter "update" to update your firmware:

    [brian.local}$ update

    Firmware version 1.00.4 includes the fix. After the update, you can use the "version" command to verify the firmware version:

    [brian.local}$ version

    You can read more about the Kinoma Element Command Line Interface in the Programmer's Guide to Kinoma Element.

    Regards, Brian

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