Audio Recorder Player Example does not work on Create 2

Rec'd Create 2 today. Running through examples. Works in simulator. But no sound on device. Please advise! TX Chuck


  • Same for simple synth...

  • Will check it out as soon as we can. We're on the showroom floor at SXSW at the moment -- hard to debug there. :)

    — Andy

  • Actually, it seems to be working correctly for me. Can you try updating your device? In the settings app, give it a second and see if you need an update for the Kinoma Software (it should be on 7.1.54).

    For the record, the way the Audio Recording app works is you tap the record button once, then talk, then tap it again. Then hit the play button to listen to the recording.

    — Andy

  • Boom! Fixed. TX

    By the way, thinking of re-creating Mr. RIMP on Kinoma platform, cheers!

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