mini USB serial port

How do I access the miniUSB serial port on the side of Kinoma next to the charging jack? I find reference to serial in / out pins on the rear connector block but not the USB connector ?? Thanks, JM


  • Hi,

    At the moment, the miniUSB port is mostly used for serial terminal access to the Create. We are, however, developing some other applications. What use do you have in mind for it?



  • I was intending to use it as the serial input from an XBee Pro S3B configured as the coordinator for a wireless sensor network. Serial data received from the XBee would be parsed, scaled to appropriate numeric values, displayed on the Create screen and stored on an SD card. I would also like to access the data via WiFi on a local network.

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    The USB port isn't setup to accommodate that type of connection quite yet. There are Zigbee options that will connect to the serial pins on the back of the Create, however. Check out this demo on home automation. If some variation on that won't work for you, let me know why and I'll keep digging.



  • That should work for now Will, thank you. If the USB port is available in a later release, I would appreciate a notification. Regards, Jules

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