In Pin Explorer, when a potentiometer is attached to the Create, what do the numbers represent?

I attached a resistive soil moisture sensor and checked in Pin Explorer to see what values I would get. I tapped on the bars that would appear and get some decimal number. What I want to know is what do those numbers represent? Do they represent voltage? This is something I was curious about and couldn't quite understand.


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    Those values are the same as would be returned using as described in the Pins documentation. They're numbers in the range [0,1] and they represent the percentage of your source voltage (3.3v or 5v, depending on how you have your front pins configured) that is coming back in on that pin.

    So, say the value that you're seeing is 0.5 and you have your pins configured for 3.3v. That means that you're getting approximately 1.65v in on that pin.

    — Andy

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