Kinoma Software Update: March 1, 2016

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We have released a new Kinoma Software update for Kinoma Create. This version is numbered 7.1.54 (update: now 7.1.69) and can be applied from the Settings app while connected to the internet.

New features and fixes of Kinoma Software 7.1.54 include:

Kinoma Create Version 2 Support

  • Kinoma Create software supports both Kinoma Create Version 1 and the new Kinoma Create Version 2. Settings displays whether you are using Version 1 or Version 2 of Kinoma Create hardware.

BLE Support on Kinoma Create Version 2

  • Bluetooth Low Energy is supported on Kinoma Create Version 2. Developers can use Kinoma Create as either a BLE master or a BLE peripheral. New BLE samples are included in the KinomaJS Samples list.
  • BLE Explorer is a new application to view and inspect the properties of nearby BLE devices. It is for Kinoma Create Version 2 only.

Front Pin PWM Support

  • PWM support on Kinoma Create's front pins. Up to three pins per header can be configured as PWM. These PWMs are tuned primarily for servo motors, but can also be used for LEDs.
  • Pin Explorer includes a new PWM Motor configuration mode to assist in debugging servo motors on the front pins.

ECMAScript Compliance

  • The XS6 JavaScript Engine is now 98% compliant with the ECMAScript 6th Edition standard per kangax test results.


  • Client and server MQTT protocol implementations.

Hardware Pins

  • Linux-level interrupt support for Digital Input pins.
  • Pins Module allows discovery of shared pins based on BLL name.

API Updates

  • ArrayBuffers are now used in hardware pin APIs in place of Chunks to align with ES6.
  • Files API supports ArrayBuffers for reading, writing, and appending.

Bug Fixes

  • Firmware updates can once again be applied when booted from an SD card.
  • Wi-Fi scanner no longer crashes in the presence of hidden SSIDs.
  • Avoid SD card errors by always keeping the kernel image on a single partition instead of moving it around.

Please enjoy the new update — let us know here in the forums if you try out the BLE features on Kinoma Create Version 2!

— Andy


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    We released a small update today numbered 7.1.56:

    Bug Fixes

    • Removed BLE Explorer from Startup Apps on the original Kinoma Create.
    • Corrected an issue that would occasionally cause BLE to hang when quitting an app.
  • Another minor update today, numbered 7.1.69:

    Bug Fixes

    • Improved reliability of communication between Kinoma Create and Kinoma Code.
    • Updated SSL Certificate Authority bundle.
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