I am considering using the Kinoma for a project, and I see that it has BLE4. I can't find any documentation that shows how to use it though (I searched your forum and github examples). Can you please point me to examples that show BLE discovery/connection/read and write to characteristics?




  • Mordechai -

    Thank you for your interest in using Kinoma Create for your BLE project. Today we announced Kinoma Create V2 BLE support here on our Forum.

    We also published a number of BLE sample apps on GitHub. The sample apps demonstrate how to build a KinomaJS app that discovers and connects to BLE peripherals, discover characteristics and read/write to characteristic handles. The API also supports BLE notifications, so it's easy to register for notifications when a characteristic value changes.

    We look forward to learning more about your project.

    Regards, Brian

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