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I am trying to make an app using PinSharing to display what a Create gets from a sensor on a computer in Kinoma Simulator. Only when I run the app, it fails to work and I get this message in the Console: ### BREAK: start: kFskErrNetworkErr! (C:\Jenkins\workspace\launcher-shell\platform\win\kinoma\kpr\extensions\zeroconf\kprZeroconf.c:508). The weird thing is that my work space in not called Jenkins at all! I didn't copy any code from GitHub either. There is a separate app that determines what the Create displays on the sensor which works on KS just fine.


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    First, the error is a little misleading because its listing the path to the source for Studio when it was compiled. This isn't supposed to happen and a developer is looking into it. The good news is the extra path in the error message isn't doing any real harm.

    Second, your actual issue. If you're running Studio under Windows, you'll need the Bonjour SDK from Apple for Zeroconf apps to work in the emulator. There is another post here describing the situation further.

    If you run into trouble, or if I'm wrong about you being a Windows user, please reply back so I can assist further.



  • Hi,

    An update on Bonjour. It turns out that a standard iTunes install now has the required bits of Bonjour to allow Zeroconf apps to work in the simulator under Windows. If you go this route and have any issues, please let me know.



  • Hey Will, Thanks for your super helpful advice. I installed Bonjour SDK on my Windows computer and now my code works perfectly.

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