My translated Blocky code doesn't run to my Create from Kinoma Studio

I made a text-displaying code that worked perfectly on the Kinoma JS site. I wanted to have it run on Kinoma Studio, so I translated it into java script by clicking the View JavaScript Source button in the top right and copied and pasted it into a main.js file. KS didn't see any errors. When I ran it to my Kinoma Create in the device list, nothing happened. If anyone could answer to why this is happening, that would be great.


  • Hi,

    To help narrow down this issue, can you try running the code in the Kinoma Create Simulator within Studio? Have you been able to run any other code on your Create, from Studio? If not, please grab a sample (Help -> Install Examples...) and try running it on your Create.

    Let me know how that goes,


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    Hi Will,

    I ran the code on the KS simulator and Create both from KS and it functioned properly. The thing was that it took a while to load and start running, which I interpreted as not working.


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