kinoma studio giving error while creating template using Skin or Style call template: no function!

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I am creating template from skin object below is the code but kinoma studio giving error ----> call template: no function! I am beginner developer may be this is silly question :-D

var comm_skin = Skin.template(function($){ return{ fill:$.fill,borders:{left:$.border,right:$.border,top:$.border,bottom:$.border},stroke:"white" }});

var comm_skin = Skin.template($=>({ fill:$.fill,borders:{left:$.border,right:$.border,top:$.border,bottom:$.border},stroke:"white" }));


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    Only the Content and Container types contain the template function. The Skin object does not inherit from either of those, so you cannot construct Skin templates.

    In your example, nearly all of the attributes of the skin would have been assigned when instantiated. The penalty for having multiple, similar skins would seem to be low. If you can explain what you were hoping to accomplish here, I may be able to suggest an alternative solution.



  • HI Will

    First part of your comment answered my question. Thanks !!!

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