Are Wildcard AppID still allowed for IOS Export?

Hey there, I noticed at that it says "the application ID (set in the Application Editor in Kinoma Studio) must match the Provisioning Profile's domain". In the case of a wild card ( I don't think there is a domain just a star (*) so I think it's impossible to make a domain match. Maybe I misunderstand something? As you can see in this brief animation ( the app starts to install, as the circle angle increases, then the operation aborts and the circle closes. After you tap on the app it just permanently says Installing... below a dulled out icon ( and the app doesn't run. As you can also see in that image, I was able to install and run the Apple Sample Code app "GL Essentials" with the exact same profile + identity. I hope Studio still supports Wildcard development as I find it makes ad-hoc development + testing much simpler. Wildcards generated in xCode worked for me in Studio up until about 6 months ago. Perhaps I'm making some other error in my Studio IPA deployment process. Advice / solutions most appreciated. Thank you!


  • Yes, the provisioning profile can be just a wildcard (*). In this case, any app ID will match.

  • I'm looking into possible solutions for your issue. But if the app didn't match you would not have been able to export it, so there's something else going on.

  • It's likely that the device ID needs to be added to the provisioning profile.
    Is it a device you got in the last 6 months?
    Can you install apps using the same profile from Xcode?

  • Thx KMJ. Yes, as mentioned above, I was able to compile,install, and run the apple sample app "GLEssentials" ( using the exact same profile. In fact, it was during via that process that the wildcard was generated so the device ID is definitely added to the profile. Do wild cards work for you w/ Kinoma 1.3.49? Maybe something else I'm doing incorrectly? Any other info you might need? Other ideas / suggestions? Thx!

  • Quick update: I was able to install on iOS after creating the .mobileprovision file through the Apple Developer site vs. using xCode to auto-generate.

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