Syntax changes with the new update?

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It seems like there are slight changes to what's allowed in the coding of Kinoma projects, every time there is an update to the Studio. I'd like to confirm:

1) Where can we see lists of these changes when there's an update? It would help to know beforehand what could potentially cause a problem. 2) Here's what we ran into this time. Is the understanding correct? (see below)

We encountered an "#exception: onAdapt: no prototype" and then an "#exception: onLaunch: no prototype"

messages when launching on device (Android tablet). It works fine on simulators. After isolating the issues, it looks like Kinoma Studio is stricter with the use of word 'new' which was looser prior.

A humble request would be an error / warning message (ie you used 'new' in this manner in line 52 in file ABC - please don't do that) that would save the developer hours.


  • Ken,

    1) The latest Kinoma Studio release notes are always available at Starting with a release last October, Studio has been using the new xs6 engine which brought many improvements and only a few incompatibilities with code written for Studio based on the older xs engine. That blog post discusses this further.

    2) The onAdapt no prototype error is likely unrelated to Kinoma Studio itself or the "new" keyword. The "balls" sample app's application behavior includes an onAdapt() function and that app works as expected on my Nexus 7 tablet running Android 6.0.

    Does this crash happen on a variety of Android devices, or just one? If it is isolated, what device is affected and what version of Android is it running? Also, did this error just start happening with the Studio update to 1.3.49? If so, do you know what version you were running previously?



  • Thanks, Will. Let me investigate and get back to you. (sorry for the font being crazy...I didn't know how to untangle that)

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