The new Android environment

Hi, This is a bit ahead perhaps but I just wanted to know if this is potentially a pretty big deal for Kinoma Studio to deal with, or it pretty much doesn't affect it at all. Just want to anticipate any length of compatibility issues when the new version comes out. (the link is about Android ditching standard Java API and migrating completely to OpenJDK.


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    Presuming that Google isn't keen on breaking the Android ecosystem, this will be done in a way which doesn't place an undue burden on app authors.

    With KinomaJS, you'll be especially insulated because any (reasonable) required changes will be implemented in the KinomaJS framework. The framework shouldn't need to pass any changes along to you as it is already abstracting your code away from the native Java. You might need to re-generate new apks for your apps to take advantage of these framework changes, but that should be about it.



  • Thanks Will. OK, that makes sense. Thanks for your response.


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