Thank you! and question about system time

First of all a big thank you for this tool - I am not an experienced programmer and was drawn to your platform because of its accessibility. The JS Blocks make it very easy to get started. As my first project I am trying to rewrite some Py code for the Kinoma and I need to be able to call system time and extract the day, month and year. Is there a way to do that with advanced blocks? Can the community write and share its own blocks? Thanks again for a great ecosystem.


  • Hi there, I'm not 100% sure I understand your question. KinomaJS Blocks provide a way to generate useful kinomaJS code which runs on Kinoma Create(have you tried reading through some of the generated is code?). The advanced blocks category right now, just contains the tools for doing cross-device websocket communication. There's no support for block customization at this time, though it is something we may consider in the future. You can, however share/save your block programs using the link button. In terms of integrating with Python, perhaps you can elaborate your situation a bit more? Thanks, and glad you are getting some use out of it :)

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