Examples of 'KinomaJS Advanced Blocks' Wanted!


I pretty much enjoy KinomaJS Blocks.

I tried many examples in http://kinoma.com/develop/blockly/examples.php, but found no examples for 'KinomaJS Advanced Blocks'. I will be very happy if it shows up in the examples' page.

Can I have them?


  • Hello! I would be happy to provide one. Thanks for pointing it out, I wasn't sure many people would get that far ;).

    Basically what the advanced blocks do, is allow a web socket communication between two devices. If you have two devices thats great! If you only have one device, you can still try it between your device and a simulator. In the following example, the red call block will send the function call with the current color (randomly generated) to the ip address of the device of your choice. It also makes available the same function it is calling remotely, so it is both ready to send and receive the call to the change_color function. All you have to do is change the ip address in the code to point the devices to one another. Let me know if you have any issues. http://kinomajsblocks.appspot.com/static/index.html#ptz3kb

    I'll be sure to publish my remote pong example sometime soon.

  • Ok, it is used only between Kinoma devices, isn't it?

    I imagined somehow functionalities putting data collected by KinomaCreate to the data-storing cloud services like Xively.


    Thank you for the immediate response!

  • Yes, that is correct. KinomaJS Blocks is really meant to be a starting point for learning how to program with KinomaJS. Hopefully, you can take parts of the Javascript code, then modify and use them to suit your project needs! While the implementation of the websocket connection here is necessarily specific, there are many browser-to-device-and-back possibilities using them.

    Happy hacking!

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