Is there a way to detect when content is removed from its container?

edited December 2015 in Kinoma Coding

I can see some events that would let me know when a content object is created (onCreate) or displayed (onDisplaying) but I can't find one that would let me know when a content element is removed from its parent using remove() or empty().

Is that possible?


  • Hi Daniel,

    There are a few ways to handle this.

    One way would be to add an event handler to the parent container to take the place of directly removing the child element from elsewhere in your code. This way you could package the actual removal of the child element and any logic explicitly connected to that action together.

    Another option is the undocumented onUndisplayed event. I have not had a chance to test this method yet, so I can't offer guidance in exactly which cases it is fired.

    If you can provide some further details about what you are trying to solve here, I'll be happy to reply back with further advice.



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