KinomaJS Blocks Now Available!

Hello everyone!

A few days ago we integrated KinomaJS support with Blockly. As many of you likely know, Blockly is a product by Google and for professional developers that allows you to build visual code editors. These editors use drag and drop blocks that generate actual code, making it easy to go from concept to code.

We think new developers will like KinomaJS blocks because it allows you to create apps in a visual way then use the code it generates to become more familiar with KinomaJS APIs. Seasoned developers may like it as a tool to quickly sketch app ideas and generate code that can be customized more in Kinoma Studio.

If you want to try it out, here’s a rundown of new webpages to help you out:

KinomaJS Blocks is experimental, so we’d like to hear about your experience with it. And, of course, let us know if you have any questions!




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