Stability of the newest version for Mac OS X?

Hi, I just want to check to see if there's been reported issues of stability (i.e. freezing during APK export, freezing in general) of the latest version of Studio. Or is it just me? It happens quite regularly and I have to restart Studio.




  • Which version of OS X are you running?



  • Hi Will

    Macbook Air 8GB memory I have not gone to El Capitan yet. Would that help?

  • I do the bulk of my Mac testing on 10.10.5, so I'm pretty confident that the operating system is not the issue. Is the system still unstable in a fresh workspace?

  • Perhaps I should do a complete clean re-install and see, as this has persisted for us throughout the last year+, in various capacities. Any tricks to make sure nothing is left before re-installing?

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