JavaScript 6th Edition now available in KinomaJS!

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Greetings fellow developers!

I am pleased to let you know that today we released our JavaScript 6th Edition (JS6) update! This is a very important and exciting update to KinomaJS. The 6th Edition brings many new features to the JavaScript language, and we've leveraged some of these features to provide new capabilities in KinomaJS:

  • Messages have been extended to implement JS6 Promises.
  • Behaviors can be implemented with JS6 classes, including using super to call inherited functions.
  • KinomaJS Templates support classes to bind Behaviors to Contents.
  • Handler.Bind accepts a class to bind a path to a Behavior.
  • Transitions can be defined using classes.
  • Built-in iterators for looping over the contents of a Container.

We encourage you to check out our new Using JavaScript 6th Edition Features in KinomaJS tech note to learn more about how to use these new KinomaJS capabilities. If you are new to JavaScript 6th Edition or KinomaJS, you might also find our JavaScript 6th Edition and Language matters blog posts worthwhile reads to better understand the benefits of JS6 and it's role in our optimized XS6 JavaScript engine. Of course the ultimate JS6 reference is the full ECMAScript 2015 Language Specification available here.

This release brings JavaScript 6th Edition to all KinomaJS platforms. A Kinoma Create Software Update with JS6 support is now available. Kinoma Studio has been updated to support JS6, so please remember to update your copy or download the latest version.

KinomaJS is Open Source and we've also updated our kinomajs GitHub open source repository to the latest XS6 version.

With respect to backwards compatibility, JS6 does not introduce any "breaking changes" or remove any features. Your KinomaJS apps written for the 5th Edition are compatible with the 6th Edition. But since the 6th Edition brings many new features and enhancements to the JavaScript language, you can now use these features in your apps to write more concise code. There is however one change you should be aware of - modules are now always run in "strict mode" and can no longer access application defined variables. Any KinomaJS sample apps that were impacted by this change have been updated.

We hope you enjoy this JavaScript 6th Edition update and we thank you for your support!

Regards, Brian

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