"swipe" in the simulator acting strange

Have you encountered scenarios where the app running in the desktop simulator doesn't respond to "swipes" (via the trackpad/mouse of the PC) very well? It's very sticky for some reason and doesn't respond smoothly. When outputted as an app, it works fine (with the finger gestures)


  • Hello.

    What platform (Mac, Windows, Linux) are you running Studio on? I know the Sliders in the File Explorer demo code work for me in the emulator; can you try running that and see if it is choppy as well? Also, are you using transitions from the MobileFramework library, or some of your own design?



  • Hi Will,

    • On the Mac
    • File Explorer seems fine
    • not MobileFramework, but our own design
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    Alright, I've checked around and there are not any known issues where code executes more slowly in the simulator than on the actual Create.

    So, lets try another test. First, give the multitouch-picture sample code a try in the simulator. If it still runs smoothly, please open up Activity Monitor and watch the simulator's CPU usage when you run multitouch-picture and then when you run your own code.



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    Also, give Studio's profiler a shot. Once you've launched your code, there will be a "Profile" button under the "Stop" button shown in your project's application.xml. Let the profiler get a 30 or 40 second sample while you make this swipe action in your app. Then stop the profiler and see if the resulting data shows any functions taking up a disproportionate amount of execution time.

    Let me know what you discover,


  • Thanks Will,

    So there's generally a higher CPU usage for our app because currently it's constantly running the animation loop even when there's nothing going on (we'll eventually change that), but there's not necessarily a spike in the CPU usage when flicking. Since this is probably very specific to our app, or my Kinoma Studio (my engineer doesn't see anything nearly as severe), may be I can send you the simple app to test on your Studio? Let me know.

  • Sure, I'd be happy to take a look and see if I can re-create the issue over here. Feel free to email me at will@kinoma.com or send me a PM with a link.


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