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It does not take me long to get confused. I was having trouble getting any example in the studio to work. He thought it might be because i was running Kinoma Studio from the Win extracted folder & he suggested that I drag the folder to a new folder-or at least that's how I interpreted his solution/ He said to run balls which I did which is a pure java script. That runs despite my confusion. I tried to run analog drawing toy and every time I tried it would not load the Pin Explorer Module which is needed to run that sample. Well I finally got that to run(I have no idea how) but this is really the nexus of my confusion.
I opened the Big Window-looks like a splash screen-it's actually a mini GUI thasts titled Overview, gives you App Info path title /program src/main then in the next field you choose which simulation you want to run sample & has the Run button & off it goes. Fin,e well & Good I thought. Trouble is-when I change which simulator to run it in-does not work-only the 1st simulator I picked. The ball samples simulator worked in any of the simulator chosen. 1Few questions. a) seems that for analog drawing toy example-will not load the sample because pin simulation file does not load-loads from GUI window but not from File Menu/Open ? If I close studio & reopen I don't redo this drawingapp sample from the beginning-just won't work. What may be happening is that it can't find this file. Window on my computer opens where no such file exists! I just assume that if I'm launch from the studio app-the computer would find file with app. No such luck.

I do under stand that Studio may be open ing wrong window in which to run an example which you previous had run but if you go to dropdown file it only gives you "new project" or "open" Almost all IDE's I have used(not that many) do reopen where you left off,

Question 2. If I get to "File Explorer-it lists all Code samples Should n't you be able to run a sample from that list if you double click on it? If not-I don't understand why. I am fairly famiilar with Atmel Studio 4, PIC programming which has really evolved from where I used to know it. Any help would be appreciated=especially why a sample that includes a File such as "Pin Simulator is not automatically installed. After all-this should not be something I can screw up as I have nothing to do with bring it up and having it load other than I choose that sample.


  • Hello -

    As we discussed in this thread, Kinoma Studio must be extracted from the downloaded archive and copied to your computer before launching. Kinoma Studio does not run properly when launched from the zip archive. Once the Kinoma Studio folder has been extracted from the archive and copied to your computer, you can create a shortcut to the Kinoma Studio application (Kinoma Studio.exe) in your Windows task bar or Start Menu. Your comment here led me to believe that you resolved the installation issue.

    KinomaJS apps are always lauched from the Kinoma project overview page. You may find the Coding with Kinoma Studio section in our Quick Start guide helpful to read through.

    Also on our KinomaTV YouTube channel, we have a number of webinars and instructional videos available. In particular, the Getting Started with Kinoma Create webinar covers developing apps in Kinoma Studio.

    Sample apps that use Hardware Pins must be run from the Kinoma Create simulator. The tablet, desktop application and mobile phone simulators don't include Hardware Pins functionality because the corresponding devices don't support the Kinoma Create hardware pins interfaces. Sample apps that don't interface with hardware (e.g. Balls app) can be run in any simulator. All Kinoma apps are written in JavaScript, using either KinomaJS or KinomaXML (or a combination of both). Please refer to our Kinoma Platform Runtime document for an overview of the key concepts.

    As for your questions:

    1) Apps are always launched from the Kinoma project overview page. If this page is the frontmost window when you Quit Kinoma Studio, the page will be the frontmost window when you relaunch Kinoma Studio. Hardware Pins examples, including the Analog Drawing Toy, must be run in the Kinoma Create simulator.

    2) I'll assume you are referring to the Project Explorer tab on the left side of the Kinoma Studio window. Kinoma projects you've installed live here. If you tap the triangle to the left of each project title, the project's files are revealed. Double click source code (.js or .xml) files to open them in the editor. Double click the application.xml file to open the project's overview page. Then you can tap the Run button to launch the app.

    Regards, Brian

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