First Attempt in Kinoma Studio Studio-no load of buttons in analog example

BREAK: C: xsError: require failed to load module 'controls/buttons.xml'! (C:\Kinoma\fsk\kinoma\kpr\kpr.c:447)

Using Win 7 64 with Download from Kinoma IDE -order Create-in Mail so in meantime running Simulator trying to learn something. Any idea of what I'm doing or not doing?


  • Hello -

    We provide a number of analog sample apps. So that we can try and reproduce the issue, could you please let us know which analog example you are trying to run? For example, analog-drawing-toy, analog-graph, analog-starter, etc...?

    Regards, Brian

  • Brian-It is the analog drawing toy with the selected output device being the simulator. I did try to find the answer in the forums instead of bothering you guys. I also googled the line of code that I enclosed to no avail.

  • Hello -

    Hmm... let's try to sort out the issue. I have Kinoma Studio v. installed on Windows 7 and I believe it's the 64-bit version. To install the analog-drawing-toy example, I did the following:

    • Launch Kinoma Studio
    • From the "help" menu I selected "Welcome"
    • On the next page I tapped the "Examples" button
    • On the Welcome page I selected the "Analog Drawing Toy" example link

    I was prompted to install the example, which I did and then tapped the Kinoma Create simulator "Run" button from the application.xml overview page. The example launches in the simulator without any errors.

    How do these steps compare to what you did? While I'm not sure, the error may indicate an incomplete Kinoma Studio install or perhaps a missing runtime module in the sample app.

    Also, please try installing and running the "Balls" sample app. That app is bare bones pure JavaScript. If the balls app fails, I'd suspect the problem is related to your Kinoma Studio install.

    Regards, Brian

  • Brian-I believe that's precisely what I did. Anyway-I was going to reinstall Kinoma Studio & it does not show up under name I can find in the Uninstall from the Control Panel or when I use IOBit Uninstaller. I installed Kinoma on my HP Win 64 7 Pro & got exactly the same error in Analog Draw Toy. I am going to now use the Baloons a example-as you suggested. I am puzzled though why it does not show up on the uninstall menu under Kinoma or Marvell. It's not there! Nor does Kinoma show up under my installed programs menu. ????

  • I got the balls example running. I am still a little confused why Kinoma does not appear as described in other message.

  • Hello -

    I'm happy to hear that you have the balls sample app running. We now need to sort out why the other sample app runs. The main difference is that the analog-drawing-toy sample uses the Hardware Pins Simulators, which require additional built-in modules and runtimes. But these components are all included in Kinoma Studio, so the failure is unexpected.

    As for why Kinoma Studio doesn't show up on the Control Panel Uninstaller.... Kinoma Studio isn't formally installed into Windows like other apps. It's just a simple "drag-and-drop" install of a directory on your computer. When you want to uninstall Kinoma Studio you simply drag the enclosing directory to the trash.

    I'm wondering if the problem is related to how you launch or copied Kinoma Studio from the archive you downloaded. Kinoma Studio comes packaged in a zip archive. On my Windows box, I download the archive and then double-click the archive to reveal a Kinoma Studio directory within the archive. I then drag the Kinoma Studio directory out of the archive into another directory on my computer, e.g. c:\Kinoma. That effectively "installs" Kinoma Studio at c:\Kinoma\Kinoma Studio. I then navigate into c:\Kinoma\Kinoma Studio and double click the Kinoma Studio app to launch. Please make sure you copy the Kinoma Studio directory from the archive onto your computer and run that version. I'm not sure you can run Kinoma Studio from the archive.

    So if you're running Kinoma Studio from the archive, please try copying the enclosed Kinoma Studio directory to a folder on your computer and try running it from there.

    Regards, Brian

  • Brian- i am going to date myself a little & tell you I started out with Mac+ in1988. I think the problem arose when I dragged the Kinoma icon out of the Win extracted Studio folder& pinned it on the Win taskbar. I always do that & the wonder why a file doesn't work correctly. On the old Mac I believe that you could drag & drop with impunity. Everything now working. Thanks!

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