Weak Software Skills, Strong Hardware Skills-Would Kinoma Help Build JS Skills?

I am learning disabled, perhaps otherwise disabled (if you read my rant about signing up on this site). Java Script is very learn able, but I find learning to program, in general, hard to to do for a thousand reasons not worth going into here. Learning by doing is how I learn. This very interesting device looks like a very good way to have the best of two worlds.

Using JS to power hardware is eminently logical to me. JS is event driven. Hardware, of course, doesn't care where its activation comes from(C, C++, VB, Presidential Executive Order). But, with hardware, software directly controling hardware make the learning process more palpable

For the person wanting to learn programming better-the hardware provides CONTEXT-something lacking in learning many programming languages. Hello World just doesn't do it for me.

i would very much appreciate appreciate any comments or insights. Thanks in advance.



  • Hello -

    Thank you for following up with us. Your comments regarding how approachable JavaScript is as a programming language and your hands-on learning experiences are spot on. Our customers in the education space are using Kinoma Create in their maker/programming labs to teach JavaScript programming. The projects typically integrate sensors so that the students have an opportunity to not only learn JavaScript, but also write code that controls real hardware. The result is rapid prototyping of software/hardware without the burden of the classic native code compile/link/download/run cycle.

    You may have seen the UC Berkeley CS160 thread on this forum. That thread corresponds to a course taught at UC Berkeley this past semester on mobile app development. The students learned to design and build mobile (iOS and Android) apps using KinomaJS (JavaScript).

    We realized that many folks coming into the maker space know some JavaScript but lack the hardware skills to bring up bare board prototyping kits. It's the opposite problem - you have strong hardware skills - but the goal is the same. We built a platform that's friendly for makers, designers, engineers and JavaScript programmers. JavaScript is the language of the web and there's plenty of really good web designers out there. With Kinoma Create, web designers can take the knowledge they already know (JavaScript) and sketch out their designs in hardware. Conversely, folks with strong hardware skills can get up and running with a minimal amount of JavaScript knowledge.

    Software developers often start their projects by leveraging working sample code. We've published nearly 100 sample code projects here on our website. The samples cover a variety of topics, including hardware sensor control, media, networking and UI. I recommend you take a look at the samples app page to see the types of apps you can build. You can tap the "Sample Filters" buttons to filter the listed samples by type. (All, Kinoma Create, Network, etc...). Browsing the sample app JavaScript source code and running the apps is a great way to learn more about JavaScript.

    Kinoma Studio is our developer environment for building, debugging and deploying KinomaJS apps. Kinoma Studio is available for Mac OS, Windows and Linux and it is free. All the sample code projects are bundled with Kinoma Studio, which makes it easy to quickly browse, install and run the various sample apps. Furthermore, Kinoma Studio includes a Kinoma Create simulator and "parts simulators" for common sensor hardware. Using these simulators, most of the hardware sample apps can be run on the desktop - in other words you can explore the JavaScript and run the apps without Kinoma Create. You can try before you buy. :-) For example, the analog range finder sample app provides an analog range finder simulator that runs in the Kinoma Create simulator in Kinoma Studio. You can run that app in the Kinoma Create simulator from Kinoma Studio, set breakpoints and make changes to the JavaScript. Using the JavaScript sample code is a great way to "learn by doing."

    Regards, Brian

  • Thanks Brian-I just got let go again from a job so I will definitely be purchasing your product when my finances are little better. I am very impressed with the amount of work that went into bringing this product to market, and, just as impressed with the documentation behind it. That's a lot of work. Programming is not particularly hard other than I have severe ADD. That's the reason for my frustration with initially signing on. Sorry for the over reaction. But this is what make learning program so hard for me. Most people go eye to brain to learn. I go ear to brain, which makes learning much harder. So I think you have a very viable product that will help! Thanks for the reply.

    regards cappy anderson

  • That didn't take long-ordered Kinoma this AM

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