Who designed your web site? Fire them

I am not off to a good start here. Your's forum is one of the very few I have ever seen where there was no overt message saying you cannot post Unless you're a member. I just spent 10 minutes trying to find message button which did NOT appear AFTER I had sign up or joined this site. I had to Googe first. WHY DON't you say that is SO? It did NOT say there would be a confirmation letter in my email SO HOW did you know what I'd do next? Minder reader? which is standard practice but should be noted and isn't. Should you think-well everyone knows that! You'd be wrong. What is maddening that I can solve hard problems but when something is fairly obvious but not mentioned-I assume quite logically that you are not set up the obvious way. So-I take things literally. No mention of what is obvious to YOU means to me that you must think is obvious to user. Would be but I don't operate on telepathy NOR SHOULD YOU! While you may feel I am being petty & a nit picker-the truth is just the opposite If there is some thing not obvious to a new user or experienced user-then it is lacking. The first question that almost always rises with me is: Is this what I am in store for-if they can't get this right? And if you feel I'm being snarkey-so be it because it was irritating and non-welcoming.


  • Hello -

    I'm sorry to hear that you experienced some difficulty registering on our Forum. Now that you have registered, please let us know if there's a question we can answer.

    Regards, Brian

  • Brian-I'm sure you have a lot on your plate, but it sure would have been nice to hear that you might be able to remedy the problem. And again, if you think it trvial-I obviously did not. I think you have an extremely creative product here, and I was half way to purchasing it tonight. That quickly evaporated in my frustration and does not mean anything long range So while a sorry is nice, yo're missing my whole point. No matter how good your new gadjet might be, and it looks like it's very good-you should not be putting road blocks in the way to the success of your product. The problem may be trivial to you but, at the time it was anything but trivial to me. I'll say nothing more and sorry if i am so verbose but that time I was very frustrated.

  • I want to add that without this post, I would not have known how to post - as there was no indication of my sign in state, no indication of how to post a message, and no indication that I needed to confirm some e-mail in order to post.

  • Just like whats said above couldn't figure out how to post before reading through this post. IS THIS FOR REAL!? You seriously need to look in to your user experience. So here is my process, so you know how it shouldn't be done!

    No account --> create account --> hit the submit and im now greeted by the same register page in a clean, unfilled state!? Was it succesful? Did anything at all happen? --> Back to the forum and finding NO way to post....:/ --> Reading through angry complaints 1 year old finally direct me in the right way.

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