Dialog box

Hi I'm working on adding a dialog box to my code but I'm stuck trying to add it. I follow the Dialog example. 1. Scenario before adding the dialog: I have the following code in main.js which help me to connect the device with my app:

var ApplicationBehavior = Behavior.template({
    onDisplayed: function(application) {
    onQuit: function(application) {
application.behavior = new ApplicationBehavior();
  1. When I add the functionality of the Dialog box I comment the code above and add the following line in order to the dialogs show up in my app:
application.behavior = new MODEL.ApplicationBehavior( application );   
  1. The problems is that I don't know how to mix the two

in one that uses


, but at the same time help me to set up the connection with the device. Can someone help me please.

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