How to invoke transitions in one container from another

We're trying to design a simple bottom-of-the-screen menu, which will persist across screens, allowing users to jump between screens by touching any button at the bottom.

The current page structure is a masterscreen that houses a current screen and the menu at the bottom. We want to be able to transition the current screen between different screens in the app.

The problem is that we don't want to ever replace the entire screen, which is what the tutorial demonstrates. Our current system changes the entire screen by using content.bubble("onTriggerTransition") into the main screen, passing in the container calling the method with it.

How do we either specify a specific container to use the run method (as the button will be pressed in a different container than the one which should be modified, so passing the container along with the function call is useless) or otherwise transition a screen without replacing everything on the screen?


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