We managed to get the following error code:

### BREAK: /Users/adam/Developer/Kinoma/fsk/xs/sources/xslib/xsProperty.c:615: fatal!

Who is Adam and how did he get into my code?


  • Hey Weina,

    Fun! Are you running an older version of Kinoma Studio, by any chance? We thought we fixed that issue. You can go to Help->Check for Updates to see if you're on an older version. If that's not the case, can you tell me where in your code you're getting that?

  • Hi Andy!

    The issue arose when switching between different versions of our code and was coming in when we were trying to add in a picture. We resolved the issue now (no quite sure what triggered it besides the standard new Picture thing) so all is well!

    I was also just amused at the error. I thought I had seen them all and then Adam showed up...

  • Hi Andy,

    We are having the same issue again. Our team was all working on different screens and it seems that the error arose for all of us when we tried creating any new template, e.g. a button template. We are not running an old version of Kinoma. Any ideas?

    Tiffany Team S

  • edited April 2015

    Is there a limit on the number of variables you can declare? I can get the adam error to stop if I remove one variable and replace it with another, but if I try to add an additional one the simulator won't even open. Our main.js file is really long...

    edit: pretty sure the issue is that we had too many variables, so I moved a bunch of stuff around and it's now working again. So if anyone else has this problem I'd try that!

  • Yes, there is some hard limit on total number of symbols declared in a single file. Usually means that you need to break some things out to modules. :)

  • Hi Andy ---

    So this Adam issue might actually be the same as my other question about requiring 20+ files. It seems like when we require files, we set them to a variable too, so we have to budget accordingly. Interestingly enough, my teammates get the Adam error when they have too many symbols and my simulator just refuses to start. I think we are all on a recent version of Kinoma, so the only difference that comes to me off the top of my head is Windows vs. Mac?

  • Hi folks,

    Yes, it is entirely possible that you're all running into the same limit on symbols here. A useful trick for getting around that limit is to tuck things into objects rather than each into their own variable.

    This can be done for normal variables. Replace this:

    var x = 1;
    var y = 2;
    var z = 3;

    with this:

    var myVariables = {
        x: 1,
        y: 2,
        z: 3

    And it can be done for requires. Replace this:

    var x = require(“x”);
    var y = require(“y”);
    var z = require(“z”);

    with this:

    var requires = {
        x: require(“x”),
        y: require(“y”),
        z: require(“z”),

    — Andy

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