Effect Objects


Our users during testing told us they wanted buttons to look more like "buttons," so I am trying to give them a shadow effect rather than being flat rectangles with color. I found it in the documentation (http://kinoma.com/develop/docs/javascript/#_Toc275330436) , but I'm still not sure how to use it. Just adding something like effect: innerGlow just breaks.

Thanks! Jesmin


  • Hi Jesmin,

    Did you check out the effects sample? That would be a good place to start. Effects are also used pretty heavily in the SomaFM player and remote apps.

    Give those a look. If you're still stuck, ping us here again.

    — Andy

  • I've tried doing something like this:

    var shadowEffect = new Effect(); shadowEffect.colorize("gray"); shadowEffect.outerShadow(null, 1, 2, 0, 2);

    and then this:

    var whiteSkin = new Skin({fill:"#ecf0f1"}, shadowEffect);

    but nothing happens...

  • Note that Effect objects can only be assigned to Layer, Picture, Thumbnail and Texture objects.

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