Is exporting to iOS possible?

reference: I've added the required home screen images to my project and am on the last screen, Provisioning. The signing identity field on the last screen is not selectable, which makes the Finish button not selectable. screenshot here: Has iOS exporting been implemented yet? Do I need to be doing something differently?


  • You have to have an iOS developer account. If you can successfully export ipas from xcode, then you should also be able to do so from Studio. If you don't have a dev account, we might be able to get you one via Berkeley. But probably not in time for this week's presentations.

  • I have an iOS developer account. I just tried exporting an IPA from Xcode and it worked. ( Just for some reason I can't get the signing identity field in Kinoma to work, even when I try different provisioning profiles.

  • I'm forwarding this along to that side of the team. Hopefully they can help you out!

  • Could you tell us what you get when you run this at the command line: security find-identity -p codesigning -v

  • Thanks Output in URL above

  • talon,

    In looking at the photo you posted, it appears that you have two developer certificates from the same developer account? This might be the cause of the confusion.

    First, I would go into Keychain Access and remove the certificate that is no longer valid. To do this, download your certificate from the Apple Developer Portal. The file should be named something similar to ios_development.cer. You can then run the following command:

    openssl x509 -inform der -in ~/Downloads/ios_development.cer -fingerprint | head -1 | tr -d : | sed 's/.*=//'

    This will give you the correct SHA1 Fingerprint. You can then export (right click on the certificate and select export) and remove those certificates which do not match this value. You'll find it listed at the very bottom of the 'Get Info' window.

    Let me know if this helps.

  • Great! I removed 1 of my 2 Distribution certificates, removed on Apple developer portal and deleted from my Keychain Access. Additionally, on Apple's developer portal I created a new provisioning profile. Now on the last screen of exporting as .ipa I am able to select that provisioning profile and my distribution signing identity.

    Now, I have added the .ipa to iTunes and onto my iPhone 5s. My app does not run, it is just a black screen. I have also exported kinoma's balls example as .ipa, and installed it onto my phone, and it runs on my phone. Can you test my project on an iphone available to you? The repository is here: and specifically the RedTooth (Mobile) folder is what you should look at. Thanks

  • talon,

    Could you also post your IPA for me to look at?

  • Yes here is my project IPA and the balls example IPA (which works). Available at:

  • talon,

    I'll take a look at this today and get back to you shortly.

  • Got it to work. Removed all .js extensions on my requirements, and changed all files that weren't the main file to include //@module at the top. The main file has //@program at the top. Additionally, the phone app (run on my phone) and device are communicating properly when run on my phone's hot spot. They do not work on the school's wifi network, maybe it is being blocked. Thanks

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