Ethernet over USB?

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Hi, as far as i see, there is currently no other way to download an application to the Create than over a WLAN connection. In some cases i don't have WLAN infrastructure, were i want to program the Create.

Would it be possible to extend the firmware with an Ethernet over USB mode? Maybe this mode could be activated while developing (so no console at the USB, but a virtual eth interface, maybe through that USB CDC Ethernet). I think there is a ready-to-use driver available in Win7 (and up, think it's RNDIS). So the Kinoma Studio could use that connection to transfer the program...

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  • Maybe this link helps: I think this could be done similar on a KC if kernel and drivers (and maybe the GUI) supports it...

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    Apologies for lettings this fall off of my radar unanswered back in the spring. Thank you for the bump to bring it back to our attention!

    You are correct in your assessment that we do not currently support interactive development between a PC and Kinoma Create without a WLAN connection. And while I do think it is an interesting engineering problem, it is not likely to be a priority for us in the immediate future.

    The USB Gadget you've identified is definitely intriguing. I think it would be a challenge to get working with the current Kinoma Create firmware (both the kernel and u-boot would likely need significant updates). But we do have plans to move towards a more easily user-extensible firmware model in the near future. It would be a cool experiment to try to get something like this working.

    In the near term, there are a couple of options for working with Kinoma Create without a full WLAN infrastructure. First, Kinoma Create generally works well over ad-hoc wireless network connections. If your PC is capable of establishing an ad-hoc network (or has an AP mode), that is an option.

    Second, Kinoma Create is capable of running KinomaJS applications that have been uploaded to the device, even without a network connection (no interactive debugging, though). If one were feeling particularly crafty, they could probably find a good way to get the application files where they need to be over the mini-usb (FTDI) serial console port. A naive solution would be to copy and paste files using vi on the device. A more robust solution would be to push directly to the tty device on the PC side with a wrapper script to make sure everything ended up in the right files. Definitely would be interesting, but I haven't spent the time investigating this notion to sort out whether it would work well or not.

    Would love to hear more if you end up giving any of these options a try. And if we have any new developments in offline workflows, I'll be sure to post them here.


    — Andy

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