Kinoma Studio with Hardware Pins simulator support now available!

Greetings fellow developers!

We released a Kinoma Studio update today that includes hardware pins simulator support. The hardware pins simulators "simulate" the various sensor input/outputs (analog, I2C, PWM, etc...), allowing you to develop and test your applications in Kinoma Studio using the Kinoma Create simulator.

Those of you who already use Kinoma Studio should be notified of the update next time you launch. You can also download the Kinoma Studio update here on our website.

A few highlights:

We've added many new hardware pins sample apps to our collection on GitHub. All the hardware pins samples have been updated to include hardware pins simulator support. You can now run all the hardware pins samples on both Kinoma Create and in Kinoma Studio, thanks to the new hardware pins simulators.

We also encourage you to visit our Sample Code page, where you can browse all the KinomaJS samples. Since there are so many sample apps, we've added filter buttons to the sample code page, so that you can more easily find the sample code you are interested in.

For developers interested in exploring Kinoma Create and companion smartphone app multi-touch support, we've added a new built-in MultiTouch library. The MultiTouch library makes it easy to support common multi-touch gestures, for example image pinch rotate/zoom. Check out the multitouch-picture sample app on GitHub to see how to use the new MultiTouch library.

Of course we've also made a number of general improvements and fixed a few bugs too. :-)

We hope you enjoy this Kinoma Studio update, the hardware pins simulators and the new sample apps. Thank you all for your continued feedback and support!

Regards, Brian

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